Seven Sensational Ideas for a Stand Out Corporate Awards Ceremony

A corporate awards ceremony is a great way to say thanks to all your hardworking staff, so it’s important to ensure that everyone in attendance has a great time and not just those who win accolades on the night. If you’re planning an awards event for your firm then take a look at these sevenĀ  photobooth thessaloniki ideas that will ensure the occasion goes off with a bang.

1. Be Colourful

Black and white may be the height of sophistication, but an awards ceremony should be all about colourful fun, so make sure you pick a bright and beautiful colour scheme that will make the venue you choose look extra special.

2. Invest in Accolades

Set aside some of your budget to invest in the little touches that every awards ceremony should have, like proper trophies engraved with the winners name, high quality certificates or even a red carpet that will allow all your attendees to make a grand entrance.

3. Big Cheers

Polite applause can get boring very quickly so give every winner an Oscar worthy reception by placing confetti cannons on every table that guests can let off when winners take their victory walk.

4. Keep it Light

Throw a few funny awards into the mix to keep things light and get everyone laughing. You could award someone with ‘worst parking in the staff car park’, ‘most likely to take a duvet day’ or ‘best photocopier fixer’. Just make sure that none of the awards you give out are likely to cause offence.

5. Entertain

Include some entertainment within your ceremony like a band, DJ or magician. If you don’t have a huge budget you can still find a great range of bands and other acts for hire that will put the finishing touches on your event.

6. Hire a Photobooth

Photobooth hire has been a hugely popular wedding extra for a good few years, but there’s no reason why you can’t hire one for a corporate wards ceremony. Attendees will love the opportunity to take some fun photos with their colleagues to remember the exciting event by.

7. Fab Feast

Everyone loves a good feed so treat your staff to a slap up buffet and if you can’t afford a free bar supply each table with a couple of bottles of wine or champagne instead.

Article Conclusion

So whether you’re planning a large or small corporate awards ceremony, follow these tips to say a huge thank you to all your staff and give them an event to remember.


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