The Most Common Ramset Parts to Replace

If you have Ramset tools, you know they are a great time saver for fastening to concrete and steel. When they break, you really know how valuable they are. Keep in mind if you are looking for Ramset parts for your tool, not all of them have replacement parts available. If you have one of these tools, you will have just learned a lesson. Buying the cheapest tool you can find, isn’t the cheapest way to go in the long run.

The most common Ramset parts to replace are the pistons mulcherparts. This is the shaft inside the tool that drives your nail into the work surface. This tool is where the action is, it gets hit hard on every fastening. When this part is starting to chip a little or if you have fired it a lot, especially into steel, it may be time to replace it. Out of all the Ramset parts you should have a spare of, this is the most important. If you are buying a Ramset tool, I recommend having a spare.

The next most common Ramset parts needing replacement are the barrel clips. These aren’t used on all tools, the Ramset D60, Cobra and the R25. These C-clips take a lot of abuse especially in over drive situations. If the C-clip on the barrel is bent up, it’s time to replace it. Most Ramset tools that use these parts are packed with extra.

Buffers are also common Ramset parts that are considered wear parts. You will find them in the Ramset Viper, D45A, Autofast and some of the older tools. If this little piece of rubber is worn or missing, it should be replaced.

One last common part to be replaced is the muzzle bushing or fastener guide. The two most common Ramset tools to need this are the Ramset D60 and the Cobra. If you have a D45A, the muzzle busing on that tool has a very long warranty, 10 years I think. If your muzzle bushing is getting a little chipped up you may want to replace it, if it is cracked replace it before you fasten with the tool.

While you can find Ramset tools at most home improvement stores, the Ramset parts themselves can be hard to find. If you are a contractor, your local Ramset nails supplier likely stocks the parts. You can also find Ramset parts all over the net. Many of the sites have a schematic that makes it very easy to locate the part you need. Try to stick with genuine Ramset parts if you can.


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