Water Works on Health

Even with the bottled water industry booming to a degree that your parents’ generation would find hard to comprehend, it’s still not unusual for men not to drink enough water during the course of the day – in the Western world, in the twenty-first century, we should be drinking at least two litres per day. Keeping your water levels replenished is absolutely vital, as around seventy percent of your body is water and making sure it stays that way means everything else has the correct environment within which to function.kanagawasuido

We lose water through sweat, vapour escaping out of our mouths, urination and through our eyeballs. Yet it has to keep flowing to make sure everything moves around our system as it should and that waste is removed. So water needs to be constantly topped up. In fact, when you think you feel hungry it is more likely you are actually thirsty and in the initial stages of dehydration, so taking regular drinks will go a long way to stopping you snacking between meals.

Don’t try and quench your thirst with fizzy or sugary drinks, or even fruit juice, and definitely not beer, as these will not provide the water that your thirst is telling you your body needs and could result in your drinking more of them in an attempt to stave it off. Drink more water if the weather is warm or you have been exerting yourself physically, or if you have a cold, as coughing, sneezing and blowing your nose will use up fluid reserves. Also, a good habit to get into is to take a large drink of water as soon as you wake up in the morning, as your body will have been drying out while you slept.

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