The Menace of Mold and Mildew on Exterior Walls

Many painting contractors offer more services than simply painting the interior or exterior walls of a residence or commercial building.

Every home owner wants to have a house that they can be proud of, but the exterior appearance of a commercial building is even more important, because if a business has its offices in a building with faded or chipped paint or mildew stains running down the sides of the walls beneath the eaves, this will have a direct effect on the perception of any potential customers.

Paint the town or keep the town clean might be appropriate watchwords for businesses that depend on walk-in customers. Painting contractors offer not only exterior painting, but also other services. Once the building has been painted – perhaps in the official colors of the business or using an appropriate logo (depending on the type of business and whether it occupies its own building or shares space with other businesses) then clear coating and sealants can be applied to ensure that the paint job will not fade or chip for decades.

Other services offered by many painting contractors are power washing and mold and mildew removal. Broken windows in commercial business cannot be tolerated, of course, and some contractors will also offer window glazing.

The Menaces of Mold and Mildew

While most people are familiar with mold when they leave food too long in the refrigerator, and mildew when they leave wet clothing too long without giving it a chance to dry, wk-gaihekitosou mold and mildew are also real dangers for the interior and exterior walls of a building. Mold and mildew look unsightly, but many people believe that it is only the cosmetic appearance of the walls that suffer. Actually, mold and mildew spores, especially indoors, can be hazardous to the health of both people and animals.

Mold typically appears as brown, black or green fuzzy spots on exterior or interior walls. Mold usually occurs on the north side of buildings, because this is the side that gets the least sun, and thus, there is more opportunity for moisture to develop into mold and mildew.

Painting contractors can advise homeowners on the cause of mold and mildew on the exterior of their homes. If the exterior walls of a home are built of stucco or wood or other porous materials that allows water to enter, and these materials have not been treated with a sealant, the material can rot and cause even more structural damage. It is important that mold, mildew and rot be eradicated before it spreads deeper and deeper into the home.

When it comes time to paint the town, the procedure is simple. The surface to be painted, whether exterior or interior, must be examined for problems such as mold and mildew, and these conditions eradicated. Then the surface must be primed, painted, and then sealed if desired, to ensure long-lasting results.

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