“What it Takes” To Start Your Career in Clinical Research

Clinical Research today is one of the fasted growing industry in the world and more so in India. The fast growth and its global presence have attracted the attention of life-sciences, medical and dental graduates. Before we move onto know how to enter the industry of clinical research lets know what exactly happens in it.

What is Clinical Research?

Clinical research is the trial that evaluate an investigational drug, biological, or medical device on patients in a strictly, scientifically controlled setting in order to test the safety and efficacy of an experimental entity. Clinical research involves controlled use of humans in medical experiments.

As this involves testing on humans, it is a strictly regulated industry. The trials are conducted on accordance with the principles and guidelines laid down in the Good Clinical Practice (GCP). This ensures the safety of the subjects taking part in the trials

Prerequisite to Enter the Clinical Research Industry

Your understanding of the processes, knowledge and the skill set plays a crucial role in your career apart from your life science background. The employers are on lookout for candidates with a basic knowledge of the drug development life cycle, thorough knowledge of the GCP guidelines crystal-method. Along with this the candidate should also have good communication skills, ability to comprehend situations, time management skills, documentation skills and a desire to learn and accept change.

What Type of Training is Required?

If you are a fresher and decided on taking up this as a career you need to undergo training to know what it takes to be in the clinical research industry. The role of the training is to provide you with the basic information to help you get into the industry. The training you undergo should teach you the following:

o Excellent communication skills,
o Ability to build up good interpersonal relationship.
o Fundamentals of the drug development life cycle
o Common disease conditions
o GCP guidelines, regulations and ethics.

If you possess this basic knowledge you can enter the industry and the rest you will learn with experience and continuous learning. A good training will ensure that the candidate will understand his/her responsibilities when they enter into the industry. Make sure of the following points before joining an institution:

o A good management with a clean record
o Qualified and Efficient Trainers with a good student -faculty ratio
o Effective training methodology which will cater to all different learning styles of the candidates with good scope to discuss the knowledge.
o A good placement record

Who Employs Clinical Research Professionals?

There are different organizations that play an active part in the study and conduct of a clinical trial. The organizations who employ candidates are grouped below:

o Pharmaceutical Industry: Organizations that are primarily interested in the outcome of research.
o Contract Research Organizations (CRO) and Hospitals: Organizations that take part in conducting the trial
o Site Management Organizations (SMO) and Trial supplies companies: Organizations that provide support to clinical research services.


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