Dr Alex Loyd – When Healing Is Personal

It is said that “necessity is the mother of invention,” and for Dr. Alex Loyd, necessity was the cure for his beloved wife, Tracy’s debilitating clinical depression. The search for her cure consumed him and for six years, he traveled the globe desperately searching for needed healing. He had tried everything. Despite his success as a private practice counselor and alternative therapist, and his dual doctorates in Naturopathic Medicine and Psychology, he couldn’t find permanent and total healing for his wife’s suffering, only temporary relief of some symptoms. Like a bandage on a severed artery, temporary relief just wasn’t enough.

It wasn’t until Dr. Loyd dove into the subjects of energy and Alex State quantum physics in the spring of 2001 that the incredible answers began to appear. It was fitting that his discovery was in the spring, nature’s own time of hope and healing. Dr. Loyd began to understand a simple physical mechanism within the body that can eliminate stress to promote natural healing. And he put them to the test for the next year. He wanted to be sure of what he’d found. He validated his findings with heart rate variability tests, the state-of-the-art mainstream medical diagnostic test for measuring stress in the autonomic nervous system. Before his research and results, the best medicine was documented in the medical literature to provide balance to the autonomic nervous system with a minimum of six weeks of treatments. In 86% of cases that Dr. Loyd tested, stress was virtually eliminated from the body within an incredible 20 minutes. Once stress was eliminated, the body was free to heal itself.

Dr. Loyd published his amazing findings in the book, The Healing Codes, which quickly became New York Times Bestseller. He has since founded the company The Healing Codes, dedicated to bringing holistic and natural healing through his well-documented and successful discovery to suffering people around the world. Dr. Loyd knows the necessity that healing is. For him, the invention and discovery of The Healing Codes is personal. It means he has the most important person to him back in his life. Dr. Loyd knows that one person’s personal suffering can affect so many. His personal experience with healing is beautiful and courageous, and his empathy is real. His dedicated research provides immediate relief to many whose suffering has consumed them and their families for years. Talking with Dr. Loyd strengthens my hope in the personal power of healing.

Adoley Odunton



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